Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back in Business!!!

So after my last post where I assessed where I'm really at, I decided had to look honestly about where i'm at and what I want to achieved in terms of health, fitness, goals, what I want to achieve with my GF etc.

I came to the conclusion (as mentioned in last post) that teaching Group Fitness is my love, my passion, I love coaching people through there class, I love seeing them achieve and push hard and achieve things they didn't think the could, I love trying to deliver a great class every time that sees them coming back and my class numbers reflecting that I'm doing something right.
I just LOVE IT.

So imagine if I could do all the above AND be a great physical role model also, not an average role model, a great one and inspirational one.
That is now my goal, I not only want to attend my next Les mills quarterly for my own inspiration, I want to be the inspiration there and in my classes daily.

I wouldn't pay a personal trainer that didn't walk the walk and talk the talk, so if you look at group fitness as a group personal training session, why wouldn't members want to attend a class taken by someone that walks the walk and talks the talk?

For me its about being Bodyattack we have the opportunity to burn 400-500cals per class, push our fitness boundaries, increase power and strength in the legs from plyometric work, increase upper body strength amongst lots of other things, BUT, why would members believe this if I don't look in great shape from burning the calories, if I am not at max fitness cause I'm luggin an extra 10 kg around, if my plyometric jumps/moves aren't what they should be, if I can't complete the whole upper body conditioning track in full press ups..... you get the idea.

So I obviously want to address this asap for my week to week classes but my bigger goal is my next Les Mills Presentation. I also do not want to let the Bodyattack opportunity slip through my fingers .
I have 13 weeks (then of course the challenge is to stay there for each and every workshop) to get approx 10kg off, to reduce my skinfold by about 45 - 50mm, this will take me to a place that I am comfortable in my own skin, that when I talk the talk , I look like I walk the walk, a place I'm authentic at and mostly I am able to teach to my max in every way because my physical is where it should be.
To assist me do this I have decided I'm obviously struggling on my own so I have some helpers!!
Of course my gorgeous hubby Paul is helping with my training , all his knowledge and passion I can't go wrong there.

and for my nutrition and accountability I am so excited to be working with the beautiful Di again!!

I am so pumped. Training with Paul not only gives us some extra time together, it means I learn from him as we go and he ensures I work at the right level and challenge myself. Paul will also be working ensuring I can do what I need to do to improve the areas that I need to strengthen specifically for those tough bits in Bodyattack, its one thing teaching members but another presenting to other instructors!!
Working on my nutrition with Di is great for me, the approach is not 'comp prep' which I am so glad about and when I saw my plan I was so overjoyed to see the types of food, the amount and the approach. I work so well with Di and its great when you find someone you gel with, she is firm but fair and an added bonus....... funny!!!
So we are working in a way that I'm sure I will educate me for the long term which is what I need.
We commenced working towards this new goal yesterday, stay tuned for the results weekly and posts in between.
Have a great day people, Shar x


Frankie said...

Hey Shar. Love your updated goal and the mentality behind it. I have no doubt you can achieve it! I can't wait to follow your success!

little rene said...

Sounds fantastic Shar :)

I really miss Di and her blog :(
I always found her so inspiraional. You lucky thing getting to work with her.

Have a great week xxx

~ Valley Girl ~ said...

Hi Shar,
Looking forward to following this journey with you! You are very inspiring...

I agree with rene, it's a shame Di doesn't blog these days, she's a lovely person.
You lucky thing, I cant wait for you to achieve your goals.

VG x

SeLiNa said...

wooo hoo, so howd your first week go??? ready to murder her yet?? ;)