Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Still plodding along

Just wanted to do a quick post, still plodding along, scales still chipping off a little each day, I'm just a bit behind on my day by day blogging things after the weekend, which I just about have recovered from mentally.
I always find the workshops inspiring, all the presenters (which I'm one of now, still after 4 preso's not feeling like I've made it!), all the instructors that attend to upskill etc, but I have to step myself up, physically, I cannot be average anymore, everyone that comes is looking to be inspired, so game on and to the inspirational level it is.
If I can get to a high level physically I have a great opportunity with Bodyattack so am really using that as a focus too.
Next workshop is 13 weeks away, then after that I have the Les Mills Summit, then of course I just want to be in top condition year round, maybe having to step it up a few weeks out from workshops to just tighten up a little.
I am pretty happy I have been maintaining my weight as that is a whole new thing from my binge starve cycle I used to par take in! its just I have been maintaining my weight
too high!! :)
Stay tuned for the journey to the next Les Mills presentation and then each and everyone after that!!
Have a great week all
Shar x

PS - Talking inspirational - How did the girls look from the comps at the weekend!!! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!! Nice job and thanks for sharing your journey's, the ups AND downs.

1 comment:

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