Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 4 of 75

Nutrition – Had a good day today, enjoyed all my meals even had some cals left to have a few extra bits. All clean food. Should have lifted protein a little more.
1399 calories / 39% from fat / 34% from protein / 27% from carbs
Exercise – Taught Bodyvive and Bodybalance

Mind Medicine – Pre - Period behaviour starting, snapping, short, just wanna have a bit of peace and quiet etc etc, still haven’t done any research on trying to ease PMT.

Relaxation/Recovery – Bodybalance

DAYMAKER – Maddi had her Daymaker, we did kiss and drive and big brother Bryce took her into school, stayed in class instead of me or Paul today, then he left and walk down to the high school. She loves him doing that.

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