Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 2 of 75

Nutrition - All good, Logged in CK, Totals a little better today especially protein, Holding at 1400 cals for 4 days then will add in a higher day.
1396 Calories / 35% from fat / 42% from protein / 24% from carbs

Exercise – Taught Bodyvive in morning and Bodyattack this evening

Mind Medicine – Having a few issues with pre-period brain, feeling really tired and crappy, found a few negative thoughts creeping in. I have to do some serious research on how to make the mental side of being pre-menstrual a manageable process. If anyone has any tips, remedies, etc please leave me a comment or e mail me.

Relaxation/Recovery – did the walk to school and walk home with Maddison again today.

DAYMAKER - The Daymaker today was definitely Maddi's face when she saw Paul and I picking her up and telling her we were all walking home together. Paul took Bryce and his friend to the beach after school to go bodyboarding so that was Bryce's day made.

Night, Shar x

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Trudi said...

Well done for day 2 Shar. Heard exercise helps with pmt..HAHA (as if 2 classes isnt enough) other than that I have a sweetened large cup of tea, hot waterbottle and jump into bed. Whole new person in the morning :) PS do you work out your % from CalorieKing? Trudsxx