Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 3 of 75

Nutrition - All good, Logged in CK. Shit, I have been starving today!! So made a decision not to fight it and possibly end up blowing out on crap food and go with the flow and have more cals of good clean food!! YAY me!
Wednesday sees me do my last Bodyattack of 5 in a row and I am pretty much shattered and hungry.
1825 calories / 34% from fat / 33% from protein, 33% from carbs

Exercise – Taught Bodyattack and Bodybalance in morning

Mind Medicine – all good today. Getting a little stressy about presenting for Les Mills on Sunday at the Perth Quarterly Workshop.

Relaxation/Recovery – Bodybalance

DAYMAKER – wasn’t a daymaker today, just did normal everyday things with Kids and Paul, no obvious extra Daymaker :(


little rene said...

Hey there Shar!
I have just been catching up on some action in Blogworld and have read all about your 12 Week Challenge.
Good for you! It sounds like you are having a really honest look at your negative habits/actions and taking steps to conquer them.
That's all any of us can do really so I am looking forward to following your journey :)
Just remember: You are already gorgeous!
rene xxx

Splice said...

Good call on eating a little more because you were feeling hungry to save yourself from going all out later when it all gets to much.
I believe you need to listen to your body because everyday is a different day especially in your field of work so you will require different amounts of food to cater for the extra energy expenditure.

Your doing really well, keep it going.

Deb xxx

SeLiNa said...

Hey Shar!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your comments of support on my blog the last few weeks :))) We go back a long way 'eh!!!!
Glad you've made decisions which are best for you and your family - Hope you're back on your way to your happy place again - are you getting on stage again this year?!