Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 1 of 75

Thanks Fern, frankie and Truds for your comments, it appears I'm not alone in what I wrote in my epic post yesterday.

Fern - I will e mail you hopefully tomorrow.

Frankie - yes I will do it!

Truds - Yes trying to be very mindful not to do what I've always done in the past to get results because at the end of the day it clearly isn't working if i'm back in a similair spot every time, all be it not so much of a weight gain this time.

At the end of the day I am the perfect definaition of insanity...........

DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS............ I'm taking the same approach over and over and thinking each time my mindset will magically change, my thought patterns and behaviours will change, I can get the body looking great again and the mind will be healed............Ehhh HELLLLOOOO, anyone
home? CLEARLY NOT :)


Nutrition - All good, Logged in CK, here's my totals, very aware the fat is too high and protien too low.
I was craving nuts today so I had 2 serves of nuts, this was enough to satisfy me and stop me wanting other shite, so if my fats on the high side then fair enough, all good fats too. Protien being too low was purely my lack of planning for the day. Lesson learnt food planned for tomorrow.
1387 calories / 46% of the calories are from fat / 25% from protein / 29% from carbs
Exercise - 30 minute incline powerwalk. Shit it was hard this morning to get on the treadmill and only walk but its all part of the new approach.
Mind Medicine - My goal today was to stay positive today. Check!
Relaxation/Recovery - I had a 30 minute sit on the couch before picking the kids up. Also my little one has been asking to walk to or from school, so today as a surprise as it wasn't my night to go teach I got paul to drop me at the school and surprised her when she came out. This was very relaxing and rewarding. DAYMAKER achieved today :)
Must go sleep, this is a major thing for me to get to a consistent place, for mind and body.
Night x


MISS TANK said...

Well done YOU ;) I'm a massive fan of nuts (the ones you eat, well you know what i mean! haha) but had to stop buying them Shar!!! I couldnt stop eating the bastards, so process of elimination - dont buy them at all!!!! It's killing me but i think the amount i was eating attributed to my saddle bags i currently have following me around :) This week is challenging - i'm on NO PROTEIN.....interesting so far but i dont like it - feed this girl soon and keep smiling gorgeous one x

Magda said...

Hi Shar,

I didnt comment yesterday but like Fern I've also been stuck in that negative rut and could really relate to your post. So many starts, stops, starts and stops have had me going NOWHERE. I'm giving it another go and trying something a little different with my main focus being on just stopping the binge eating. I have so much work to do but am gonna give it my best shot.

Oh and I'll be following your blog and sending you lots of positive vibes to achieve what you want.