Saturday, May 9, 2009


Didn't realize it had been that long since my last post.

Anyway, saturday morning, good time for a quick update.
Have finally gotten my head straight and worked through a few issues I
was having personally with giving up my Group Fitness Managers job that I have been doing for 3 years, and have handed in my notice, I finish in 3 weeks.
Although I got quite stress and uptight about the whole decision, now I have made the decision, it feels fantastic and I am excited about what my path will bring now.
To start with I will just concentrate on my classes still and also get into helping Paul with our own business, then I'm sure I will find my direction.

Anyway onto other stuff........... I Always said I was going to be honest and upfront on this blog, whether thats my opinion on something or how I am feeling /doing with certain things.

I think that instead of being honest sometimes I have chosen not to post instead, worrting about peoples thoughts and juedgement.
So from now on this my place to say what I want and record what I want.
Of course it is my Health and Fitness based blog so in general it will be followiung that ongoing journey of mine!!
Taking a leaf out of Rene's and Lia's book, If people make judgement or don't like what I'm saying they don't have to read.
Now I feel I have made a change out of a job that I had to be something I wasn't, I'm damn sure not being Fake here.

Anyways, must check through the tracks I have chosen for Bodyattack for this morning, get Kids up (bryce is still sleeping) and ready to go 'shopping' with dad for some special day thats tomorrow :)

Have set myself a new target now I am feeling all free and focused!! how long that lasts I don't know :) but will probably post later with an update.

Have a good weekend, Shar x


Lia Halsall said...

Welcome back stranger it's certainly been a while hasn't it. Congrats on taking the big step and following your heart, who knows where it'll take you but the journey's bound to be worth while.

Honesty is always the best policy no matter what Shar. ;o)

Vicki said...

Hey Shar,

The way I see it is like this: It's your blog - you should feel free to write whatever you like!! I think most of us in this little blogland group tend to have the same view - we are all facing our own struggles, highs and lows - and are here to support eachother, not judge. So post away!!


Raechelle said...

Wow-big stuff! Good luck!

MISS TANK said...

Shar - i bloody admire you and your strength, your blog is fabbo - keep blogging away otherwise i'll put you in a headlock and knuckle ya forehead until you do....hahahahahahahahahaaaaaa all the best for the next few weeks and believe me - you dont need to find your direction, the direction will find YOU....x

Frankie said...

Sometimes a decision can be so bloody hard and you put it off and put it off but if, when you make it, you feel relieved...then you know it's gotta be the right decision. :o)

TiarnaH said...

Hi Shar, Its lovely to meet you. A see your a fellow body attack instructor!! Love love love body attack.

I have been where you are know, never worry about what you write girl, If it helps you, write it! and those people that matter will be supportive, not judgmental.

Take Care,

Trudi said...

Well about bloody time Shar!! HA! not with the blogging time away, but on handing in your notice hooray!!!!!!!!! Onto brighter things for you me dear. Hey you still training for the 1/2? Glad your back...xxTruds