Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 6 & 7 or now to be 15 & 16

Ok, so maybe a little confusing but I have to revert to the correct day that I'm on for my 'challenge'. So back in my post where I was honest about the first week etc I stated I was going from there, but for confusion purposes (on my behalf!) I need to get on correct day which is Saturday = 15 and Sunday = 16.

I have also realised considering this is for me to implement change on my mind and my body I need to start some more specific work on the mind side of things.

Obviously taking a holistic, more balanced approach to the whole nutrition and training thing is working on changing my old habits, ( go as hard as I can for as long as I can, before collapsing in a heap and ending back where I was before) which is a step in the right direction.

So after a good week this week on the nutrition front, I had my weigh in on Saturday, 2 weeks in and I have lost 2kg, I'm pleased with that.

Focuses for this week -
1) Resistance Training
2) Sleep

Nutrition – All clean food.
1493 calories / 36% from fat / 32% from protein / 32% from carbs


Mind – trying to stay positive today ahead of the panic creeping in about my Les Mills presentation tomorrow.

Relaxation/Recovery – none
DAYMAKER – Unfortunately I’m not sure I did anything that made a day today?
I am all busy in the mind with tomorrow

Nutrition – 645 calories / 35% from fat / 25% from protein / 39% from carbs
The above totals are what I had today during the Les Mills Perth Workshop, when I got home Paul and I decided we would have gourmet pizza. I had one slice of Thin base, chicken, bacon and mozzarella pizza and 3 slices from the dessert pizza, thin base, banana, caramel, cream cheese. So rather than guessing the amounts and logging I would estimate I topped a 2500 day? And you know what I am cool with that, I enjoyed every mouthful!! All good and back to clean and balanced eating tomorrow. 2 weeks down, 10 weeks to go to try and make this balance work for me, form some new habits etc (plus keeping the changes I make forever!!)

Exercise – Presented Bodyvive

Mind – Got a bit spacey due to worrying but all good now, just mentally shattered.

Relaxation/Recovery – A chilled out dinner with my whole bestest family.

DAYMAKER – It was my turn to have my day made today!! Bryce played a blinder of a match today, he scored, marked and just kicked ass today at footy. I also lots of great feedback from my preso then to top it all off my gorgeous hubby and little lady had tidied the house big styley, it looks fab.
Hope you had a great weekend
Shar x

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Frankie said...

Dessert Pizza??? whaaaaa. I want carbs!

Glad the presentation went well!