Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh the joy.....

Ok, so Thanks to the world wide web here’s a rundown of what is happening to me, apparently this week at 5 weeks preggers – My comments to these things are in red

Get ready! Shit, get ready already!?

You're in for some changes really, are you sure? you mean I can't have a 9lb baby without my body changing?

During pregnancy, you'll lose your waist great my waist was my best assest, your breasts may grow an entire cup size yay and to think all I needed to do was to get preggers not have implants and your rib cage and hips will widen shite, what the hell they gonna look like after two buses wide instead of one.

You'll look and feel more padded THANK YOU, when I am overly emotional already you wanna tell me I’m going to look PADDED!!!! WTF? all over, though probably not so much that strangers will know you're pregnant for some time yep I’m just gonna look like I’m getting fat Your hair (on your body and head), facial complexion and the pigment on your nipples and elsewhere may be changing, too.
Ok…. So let me get this straight, I’m 5 weeks in and you wanna take away my waist, increase my boobs to enormous instead of big (without charging me or having surgery?), make me as wide as two busses in the hip region, PAD me up but no-one will know I’m pregnant, then change my complexion, hair and my freaking nipples?
Well blow me I can’t wait for Week 6!


Frankie said...

he he....all fun and games. Week 6 - VOMIT.

One word - Ginger Beer.
Yes I'm very helpful I know...

Alicia said...

ahahahahahahaha damn I love your responses! I'm in the same boat too - why the HELL DID I GET IMPLANTS?? I'm hitting the double D cups soon! As for the hair, my hair has gone psycho and looks shite even after spending ages straightening it. So I've resigned to the fact I'm just gonna have it up in a ponytail forever ;) xox

RaeC said...

LMAO!! I didn't expect to have such a huge belly laugh first thing this morning (no pun intended with all this talk about bellies... LOL!!) xxx

Kelly said...

Hi Shar,
A question from a non-mum ( I have no idea!)
Can you still breast-feed with implants?

Shar said...

Thank Frankie, yep I'm just waititng for the sicknees to hit, was pretty good withtht eother two, maybe a slight feeling of sickness now and again, so you can just bet on the fact its payback time!

My hair is greasy!! like I used to get when I was a teenager with periods! Lets hope that passes, althought the grease is holding the ponytail in!! :)

Belly Laughing is good for you, glad I could help :) Lets hope I can keep seeing the funny side of this journey!

I think alot is on personal circumstance and also type of surgery. I covered this before my surgery and my surgeon was great also have spoken with my doctor already and due to being under the muscle, breast tissue was left alone and no damage occured to it, so yes I would be able to if I choose.
The other good sign is my boobs are extrememly sore and have been since about 5 days after when I think conception occured so this proves breast tissue is all good and reacting to hormones the way it should!

Hilary said...

LOL!! You gotta laugh at some of these newsletters dont you?

Fingers crossed you dont get morning sickness, I was lucky with that. Love your little baby animation on the side!

How funny that there are all these pregnancies in blogland right now!

Hilary xx

KatieP said...

God you made me laugh and bless the day I decided that I was not cut out for pregnancy and motherhood. x

Tearose said...

ROFL let the fun begin :)