Friday, June 26, 2009

I heart google!

Anyone else love google???

I swear since conception my boobs became immediately painful, very sore and huge, well huger, (just another bonus to being preggers) so tonight when I leapt up, my boobs bounced a little and I nearly crumbled in pain, the question popped into my head "I wonder how much my boobs weigh now?"

So yes I googled it and here's what I found, from a programme Trinny and Susannah did, a method of weighing your boobs!!!!

Dr Tyrer’s water method:
• The equipment needed is a kitchen balance, a baking tray and a bowl large enough to fit a breast in.
• Weigh the baking tray, record the weight.
• Put the bowl onto the baking tray and then put the combination onto the kitchen balance.• Fill the bowl with water up to the brim.
• Now carefully place the breast into the bowl until the rim of the bowl contacts the chest area, so that the breast is now totally immersed.
• The displaced water is captured in the baking tray (the bowl can now be removed from the baking tray) and the weight of the baking tray with the displaced water is now noted.
• Once the original weight of the baking tray is removed we now have the weight of water which has been displaced by the breast.
• 1 litre of water weighs 1kg so an individuals weight can now be represented directly as a volume.
• Repeat the procedure for the other breast.
• Now you have the volume and weight for the total breast tissue of an individual.

HEY LADIES......... come back, put down your baking tray and bowl and finish reading my post ;)
No seriously I know you will all be curious so one word of advice seeing as its winter, make the water warm!



Kek said...

LMAO!! I can't believe you Googled that!

Shar said...

KEK, anything you wanna know google it! If your not comfortable doing so, please request my assistance, I'm a queen googler (?) and will google anything!

Anonymous said...

oh that is hilarious - beats our method - when my sis was pregga's her boobs were so big we just flopped them on the kitchen scales hahahahaha amazing how much they weigh!

Oh and I'm miss queen google too - LOVE IT - how did we ever survive without it?

Mightee Mouse said...

LOL!!! I was the same - my boobs were the first thing I noticed that changed - pity they don't stay that way eh?!

KatieP said...

Too funny - I wouldn't try it myself because I expect my teeny tiny bumps wouldn't even cause an overflow! x

Frankie said...


RaeC said...

Too funny!! No point me trying this 2 weeks out from comp... there's nothing to weigh, wouldn't even cause a ripple let alone any overflow!! Have a great weekend xxx

Trudi said...

What a scream!! I gotta admit that since post comp the boobs have got bigger again and the old trick of getting hubby to see if the ol handful now takes more than just one hand!?! Trudsxx

Alicia said...

Hahaha that is hilarious Shar! Mine were sore up until the 8 week mark, so they dont hurt as much now. I think wearing an underwire free sports bra 24/7 helps too :) xo

( . )( . ) said...

My breasts are 4 kilos. OMG. Shoot me now. I am an H cup. *trots off to the surgeon....*