Friday, July 17, 2009

9 Weeks

Wow, a holiday and a scan later and I'm at 9 weeks!!

Had a nice time away from work whilst we were down south, the kids, especially little lady had a ball and was a bundle of hyperactivity all week!!

My sicknees seems to be undercontrol thanks to the natural tablets the doc recommended. I have to take 3 per day all evenly spaced and if I miss one I get a little green around the gills.

WE HAD OUR FIRST SCAN TODAY!!! by first date given I was 8 weeks 3 days but the scan has dated me at 9 weeks so a little further on, which is what I thought, I'm sure I knew the day I concieved and it appears I was right :)
The heart could be seen flickering, the legs were kicking, we heard the heartrate which little lady absolutely loved! (and brought a tear to my eye)

I start back to teaching tomorrow, kicking it off with BODYATTACK!!! wowsers, thats gonna be a tough one, I'll probably need to sleep all afternoon :)

Anyways, have a great weekend
Shar x


Frankie said...

I'm so glad you've got on top of that morning sickness Shar. I really felt for you as I'd had it bad and for a looong time.

You sound so much better xxx

Valley Girl said...

Glad you had a nice break away, it's so refreshing isnt it?

Your bubbas looking more like a real baby now...

Rebecca said...

It is nice that you got to have a bit of a break. I am glad that everything is going so well with bubs. How exciting!!! The time is going to fly before the new little one is here :)

xox Rebecca

Raechelle said...

Dang girl.....teaching that type of class being preggers! I bow down :-)
What's funny is when you think of 14th or 15th century royals...who didn't budge a bit during pregnancy-and of course stayed in a dark closed up room for the last 2 months or so...thank god we have moved on since then!
Stay strong!