Sunday, July 26, 2009

100 Day Challenge....... You in?

I'm soooo crap, I wanted to write blogers name and you click it and it takes you to their blog but can't figure how everyone does it! So anyway FRANKIE - started a week ago so shes 7 days in, KATIE - has posted today and she is in day 1 and not only that she created a '100 DAY CHALLENGE TEAM'.

What is the 100 Day Challenge
Exactly was it says, spend 100 days challenging yourself to make lifestyle changes, exercise changes, nutrition changes etc...... you choose, what do you need, what do you want from life, doesn't have to be about weight, mine personally isn't, obviously can't lose weight whilst preggers but can make great choices surrounding exercise, nutrition and recovery, maybe you just want to to 'feel well', live a less stressful lifestyle, it can be anything.

Katie has appointed herself the chairperson and is putting some great things in place to help with support, accountability and making it a team thing.
So if this is something you fancy, head over to Katies blog and leave her a comment, its not to late to get involved, I'm still trying to narrow down my goals, so will kick in with Day 1 tomorrow (Monday).

Shar x

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Frankie said...

this is WAY cool that everyone's getting involved! I love it!!

BTW all you have to do for link is type the persons name, then highlight it and click the green 'link' tab and put in the link. Hope that works for you.