Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 1 / 100

So today was day 1 of 100, in the 100 day Challenge, still time to join the team if you want to.

For me personally it is a way to form some very important habits at this very important time, it will help me stay accountable as Katie has made it a team building event also, it will help me improve my nutrition, focus on rest and recovery, also minimise excess weight gain during pregnancy.

So my goals, as displayed in the chart above, are too -
- Eat 3 serves of different veggies a day - Yes I am shocking and avoid veg at all costs, 3 serves per day is doable for me and can only improve my nutrition.
- Eat 3 serves of different fruit per day - I love fruit but haven't been eating it alot the past few years due to comping, dieting etc. Since being pregnant I have had a real want for fruit, loving it, 3 per day wont be hard, in fact i could eat 5 easily.
- 3 litres Water - no explanation needed
- stay within my daily calorie allowance, only exceeding if i decide to use one of my 10 skinny bones
- Either teach Bodyattack or Bodyvive OR Powerwalk each day
- Introduce Yoga twice a week
- do a full Body weights session twice per week (ideally 3 but want everything I set to be achieved, if I do 1 more then bonus)
- Sleep for 8 hours (or more) per night.

Looks alot written out, but there is nothing that is major, smaller achievable goals that will add up to big success.

So far today, all good, bit more water to drink, bit more food to eat and got to get to bed on time to ensure I get my 8 hours. Will update my chart daily.

Thanks to Katie for being the organiser and helping back in Feb when I wanted to know how to get a chart thing up on my blog, although i really want to get rid of the border bit etc if anyone knows how.
Thanks to Frankie for telling me how to put a name then link it (as done in my post tonight!! very excited).

Day 1 / 100 - Specifics
Veg - carrot, red pepper, mushrooms
Fruit - Half banana, apple, kiwi fruit, mandarin
Class or Powerwalk - Powerwalk 50 minutes

Hope you all had a great day!

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Frankie said...

Hey Shar, great goals. I'm REALLY bad with the veges too. It's something I really need to work on.

Go team!