Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 5

Yay made it Monday to Friday on the veggies and fruit!!

You can see whats been happening on the 100 day challenge in chart at top.
Had a rest day today.
Went over cal target as I had a Thai with hubby, very much enjoyed it, had only enough to satisfy the taste, threw a whole dish away as I realised I didn't want/need it but the main thing being I stopped there, no out and out binge.

Have removed Yoga from my goals for now, I teach Bodybalance so do get a form of stretching, strengthening etc from that. Whilst I'm still trying to teach all my classes including Bodyattack, which is bloody hard whilst preggers (spec with my bump now!) I figured why pressure myself to add more, when BA goes I will have a bit more time and will add the Yoga goal back in.

Can't believe its August tomorrow, 14 days til scan, 22 days til my next Les mills presentation, 26 days til my birthday.

Bodyattack to teach in the morning, followed by Bodybalance, best get to bed to get my 8 hours.
Have a great weekend, Shar x


Fifi Dangerfield said...

I really need to eat more veges too. Even though I'm doing low carb, there's still room for heaps more. I just don't like them.

Tara said...

Hey Shar, you've got a busy month ahead of you don't u!! take care of that little belly. xxx