Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 3 / 100 day Challenge

Day 3 / 100 - Specifics
Veg - carrot, Celary, Salad
Fruit - Rhubarb, apple, kiwi fruit
Class or Powerwalk - Bodyattack

Feeling a bit tired today, Bodyattack last night into Bodyattack this morning is a bit tough, so bed earlier tonight and I should be good again tomorrow.


CathyC said...

Hi there, just wondering how you eat Rhubarb is it raw or cooked-sorry I have never tried it other than in a!!!

Andrea said...

Hi Shar - you are doing so great on the vege's - especially the variety.
I admire you so much for keeping at the classes while you are pregnant. I remember I could hardly move when I was in the first 12 weeks - thats something I want to work on for next time I have a baby.
Keep up the great work!