Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bits and Bobs

Inspired by Stephs blog I took a picture of my breakkie today,
Protein Pancake with Light Natural Yoghurt and Raspberries - YUMMO!!

Values - Meal Total
219 Cals
0.9g Fat
24.6g Pro
25.4g Carb
180ml / 3/4 cup egg whites
20g Organic buckwheat flour (this is gluten free)
60g Light Natural Yoghurt
60g Raspberries
My calender log is turning Pink by the day, I'm so glad I rested on New Years Day as you will note as the month progresses that there is rarely a day off due to teaching everyday. This is not good and I am addressing working in rest days, how successful I am will be another matter.
I am loving running (has to be called jogging some days!!) and I think that this is going to be my focus for the first 1/4 of the year, ending in a half marathon perhaps?
I am aware i need to get in more resistance training and again am bringing focus back to that starting this week.
Had the most amazing thing happen today, taught Bodyvive this morning and a lady came in late, perhaps 2 mins, could tell she hadn't done the class before and she looked nervous, did my best to help her feel settled and comfortable, whilst remembering choreography and instruction :)
All good, big smile on her face all the way through, taking in every bit of info, benefits of moves, music, fun I could give her, very open.
At the end she came and introduced herself, shook my hand and Thanked me, to which I said your welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanked her for spending an hour of her time in my class.
She then said 'I have my letter of cancellation for my membership in my bag but I enjoyed your class so much I won't be handing it in', when do you teach again?'
Now, that is why I do my job.
It turns out after a chat she has been having health probs and was looking for a way back into exercise and also as a way to get time for herself away from family and work.
I didn't tell this story to big myself up, just so you know whether you are in the fitness industry or not we all have the power to change peoples hour, day, week ............... just by a simple action, maybe a smile, maybe an interest in what they are doing, maybe (taken from Magda's blog) by being 100% present and in that particular moment.
Have a fantastic Wednesday bloggers,
Shar x


Hilds staying Fit and Healthy! said...

Well Done Shar, that's what it is all about. There is no better feeling than knowing you have motivated or helped someone in their journey to feeling better about themselves. Obviously you love your job and a fantastic trainer, keep it up!

Frankie said...

Yep I agree, that's why I'm studying in my area. Health has gotta come first and helping people get there must be sooo satisfying.

Frankie :)

Sam D-M said...

What a beautiful thing to happen, You are one of the most passionate , selfless instructors I know.

Love You shar :) Coming to BA with you when I get back.

Splice said...

Gosh how very rewarding to help someone, I have now been a PT for only 6 weeks now but would be honored to receive such a comment like that in my career :-0

Awesome stuff Shar!

Deb x

Maryanne said...

Well done Shar. x

Hilary said...

Thats great Shar, you're obviously really good at your job, it must feel great knowing that you can inspire and motivate people every day :)

Hilary xx

Magda said...

Shar how lovely to receive such positive feedback. It makes all the hard work (like learning and practicing choreography) worthwhile. Well done!

XX Magda

Raechelle said...

Good one girl! Yes-that's what it's all about really!

Trudi said...

Hi Shar,
Congrats on your business ideas here in Perth. Also for showing that lady a different way of looking at her choices towards fitness. Its definately why us PT's stay in the industry. Would love to know more about your Metabolic Typing. Trudsx