Monday, January 26, 2009

Update and Goals - 2nd installment.............. where was I? oh yeah, Goals and updates.

Goal 1) Run the Perth Marathon, reasons, hows, whys and what not in previous post.

Goal 2) and its a body composition one. I want to lose the excess bodyfat / kilos I put on after comp due to my response post comp. I started to reign everthing in after Christmas so have already made a dent. They have just been lingering too long, not gaining, not specifically losing, just hanging out and they are no longer welcome!! Time to leave, see-ya, bye bye, ciao.

I have a date, I have a target BF and weight, time to set to work. Don't get me wrong I'm not talking comp condition here, just 'role model place'.
Obviously Goal 1 will be extremely helpful in assisting fat loss!! and I will definately need to closley monitor my daily nutrition, energy levels, supplement well, sleep well and recover well.

I will be setting up a record on here to show my week by week marathon training and also my journey to my BF / weight target.

Will do last weeks update tomorrow, timet o get to bed on time!! This is a big focus for Paul and I. Nighty Night!


Frankie said...

Great goals Shar.

"role model" physique sounds perfect! Although you're already a role model for me!



( . )( . ) said...

I need to do the same thing and sit down and set out some goals. I like the idea of role model physique too, sounds achieveable and maintainable!!

little rene said...

Go Shar! I too have bee making getting to bed early a real MUST! It makes such a difference to my mindset the next day if I wake feeling really refreshed :)