Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 and 2009

Been meaning to check back in with my 2008 Goals that I posted in my old blog ( back in Jan 08, so here they are -

Shar's 2008 Goals
To become a strong and positive woman by working on my thought processes and behaviours.

I did do quite a lot of stuff relating to my mind, thought processes, beliefs and behaviours. I had a run of consultations with a NLP practitioner, got a lot from that, found hypnosis a strange experience but good and started to do daily mind work towards the later months of 2008.
I still need to work on the 'being positive' thing and with the help of my ever positive husband :) it is a goal of mine to live in the positive ALL of the time.

Take on board the opinions and advice of those I value and love only.
I still take far to much personally and involve my thoughts in crap that isn't important and comes from people that really are not pivotal in life but I'm more aware now and deal with it as it happens instead of letting it bottle up and move into other areas of my life.

Spend quality time with my husband and children.
This has been better, I have gotten to grips with my GFM position, I try and work smarter and be more productive with my time so I don't bring work home therefore allowing more time with my family. Now the summer has hit we spend A LOT of time down the beach together, so that's great.

Continue to achieve at work.
GFM Position - still achieving, looking after my instructors, providing my members with a rounded timetable with great instructors teaching for me.
Group Fitness Instructor - I absolutely 110% can say that I love each and every class I teach, the only time I have EVER thought 'I don't want to teach this class' is when I have been that sick I could hardly stand up but I still had to go teach as no-one could cover me. I give 200% to my members and I love it. I know I'm achieving in this position as I auditioned and was taken on by Les Mills as a Presenter and Intern Trainer.
I have presented Bodyvive at two Perth Quarterly Workshops and Shadowed for Bodybalance at the last Quarter as well.
I have taken parts of a Bodyvive training module and am looking forward to my journey with Les Mills

Train and eat consistently to help me find a place physically I like to be at.
OK so when this was written in Jan 2008 I was unsure as to whether I would compete in 2008, but I did and comp prep sort of took over the 4 1/2 months from March to July, then trying to get into October comp etc so really not ideal for the above statement.

Compete in Figure again, having made improvements on last time I stepped on Stage.
So yes I did compete, the All Females in July. I think I stepped on stage having made improvements, a little more muscle and not as lean.

Consistently blog, using the fantastic support network that I have found you all to be.
Well when I look at my archive it isn't that bad but I did have patches where it wasn't consistent mainly due to work load at certain times etc. But I do plan on using the blog as more of a log so here's to a more consistent year.

Not bad, made some sort of progress in all the goals but could have hit a few little harder I suppose.
2009 is going to be a great year - BRING IT!

So to 2009.......
I am making some changes to my behaviours/habits/way of living for 2009.

This year I will not be setting a list of gaols or resolutions right here right now, rather a starting goal/target and then I will decide on my 'goals' or things i want to achieve as the year travels along.
I will be stepping out side of my comfort zone, I will not be doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result as that's the definition of insanity.

I am a planner, I love planning ahead, I hate spur of the moment things, I hate surprises, I like to be in control, I hate it when my work throws something at me and I have to change my plans/workout/ schedule, you get the idea right?
Yes, almost or some would say - Obsessive :)

So my intention is to change this as this is definitely not healthy for me, my mind or my productivity.

No planning months ahead - when looking back and assessing why I felt like I had 'failed' or not done my best it was because I would plan a 16 week block out for exercises and nutrition, in would go all my classes - on the carefully laid out spreadsheet, may I add, then I'd write up my food plan. Great all good to go.
Until that is, 'life' had other ideas! Maddi might get sick and I'd miss a workout, or a meeting would come up or I would have to cover a class etc.Not stuck to the plan, FAILED, off track and mind games will start.

So although I feel it is important to have path to follow and a purpose, I will not be planning far ahead. I will have a weekly outline for exercise, my food will all be cooked up, frozen where applicable, veggies all washed, cut and prepared but I will sit the night before and plan my next day, asking ...........
What classes am I teaching and what time?
How do I feel, energy wise etc?
What can I fit in without impacting on sleep and good nutrition and my family?
Does this days planned activities move me towards my goal/purpose?

I will log my activity in the Activity Log calender at the top of my posts each day, so feel free to have a look, just click on the pink squares. I'm also tracking my weigh daily as my aim at the moment is to drop some kilos so I can function better in my classes and look the role model, I have a 2nd calender on the right side for this.

I so hope I can learn to focus in smaller chunks as it damn sure doesn't work for me in big blocks!What use is it to focus on finishing painting the big picture when the brush isn't even in the paint yet?

Yes there are times when I think the bigger picture has to be looked at - for example - comp prep, running a marathon, training for a specific event. Working to a specific plan is a must to ensure performance is maximal or peaking at the right time etc.
But for me right now I am aiming to look, feel and be the best I can each day by doing that each day I will look, feel and be better than the day before.

I feel very uncomfortable right now but at the same time very empowered that I WILL NOT do the same things, feel the same feelings, see the same results over and over.

I am definitely shifting to living a more rounded and full life, a more holistic approach.
Although I have no resolutions/specific goals set right now I have sat and thought about how I want my days to be........................this is what I came up with................

Finding my way to live holistically...........

To love & be loved
Breath deeply
Sleep peacefully
To give - in whatever way
To value others & not judge
To keep learning & developing myself & others
To exercise to create a functional physical being
Practice consistent balanced nutrition that fuels my body to perform daily
Continue to love my ‘Work’
Rest & recover
Laugh, really laugh ……..

Holistic living for me.
Here's to 2009
Shar x


Frankie said...

I love your attitude Shar. I need a more full/rounded life as well.

I can so relate to being organised..I do the same and then LIFE happens and my plans are overturned and my spreadsheets don't fit with what I need to do.

I'm still to tackle the mind games I play with myself but I'll get there.

Here's to a fulfilling 2009.



Charlotte Orr said...

Great post Shar. I am very much a planner too, and don't always cope well when things don't go according to plan. All the best for the new year...

Shar said...

Yes Frankie I tend to get really aggitated when something happens to disrupt 'my plans', so have figure thats cortisol I don't need and if I truly am living this lifestyle I just have to suck it up and find a way to either get it done or re-schedule.

Thanks Charlotte, Plans are great and we all need direction but for me right now, I need to focus on making each and every day count, focussing on the journey not the destination.

Kimmy said...

Great post, I love your little calanders for exercise and weight - I think I might do the same. It will be good motivation for me as well. Look forward to following your journey in 2009.
Live with Passion

Rebecca said...

Hi Shar, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I never thought you would ever comment! You are too kind :)

You are so inspirational and you have so many wonderful achievements from fitness to a gorgeous family. Well done.

I will be reading your blog for motivation :)