Wednesday, January 21, 2009

See.....its not so hard Shar is it!?........

Well, today has been another day of POSITIVITY.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't in a bad place, I wasn't down and depressed, I was just floating along, I like goals, either life goals, career goals, fitness goals etc and I found myself with no real focus, which to me is annoying and was agitating me.
I was getting a little dragged down with negativity from having that type of person around me me. I also feel a work situation isn't allowing me to fulfill my purpose right now.

Has anyone seen Terry Hawkins present? she is amazing, she is a motivational speaker and presents it in a comical way.
I have had the pleasure of seeing her present twice whilst at the Fitness First conference we get sent to each year. She talks about being in the 'PIT' - that negative place, in the 'PIT' there are 'PITMEN' - those negative people, she then has a superhero kind of character called 'STICKMAN' - he is the positive, always find a way person.

She also talks about being around 'PITMEN' and not getting pulled down into the 'PIT', by all means help those that want to be helped up out of the 'PIT' and perhaps listen to people but throw a ladder down don't gone down yourself.

Anyway, with revisiting that and not wanting to be a 'PITMAN', being honest with myself, sitting and finding some focus, making the decision to rise above the negativity I have had two good days, WOW I hear you say, two days, but you know what, two good, positive, heart warming days is better than staying in the negative!

Taught Bodyattack
Taught Bodybalance
Run - 4 miles (6.44km) (More on the running in another post)
Taught Bodyvive

Food was all clean, back to logging intake - thanks oh wise one!! ;)

What a day today was, up V.Early with Maddison?, got her and myself ready, took her to daycare, drove to classes, taught to max (as usual), came home had lunch with my boys, sat on sofa and wanted to have a nap, decided Bryce needed some time, played guess who (love this game), did a load of washing and hung out, did some music downloading from the i tunes store that Bryce wanted for his bedroom, Bryce went to shops with his pops, I decide to grab the bull by the horns and add a run in, Paul gets back, prepare and cook mini-meal, sit and eat together, wash another load, get ready for class, drive 45 minutes to class, teach, come home, eat dinner, sit and cooch Maddi on sofa, take her to bed and read, chill out on sofa, watch a bit of tennis, type up blog, all of the above with a positive mind set and renewed attitude!! going to bed soon.

One more thing I wanted to say tonight, for those with kids, nieces, nephews, anyone with kids around them, I want to recommend a book for bedtime.
Since the day we brought it, the immediate change in bedtimes with Maddi was huge, she was just fidgety, didn't want you to leave the room, but having started this book it is amazing. Even if you don't have bedtime issues it is a great book that allows your kids to feel good as they go off to sleep.

The book guide says 5 years upwards, but she was 3 when we started with it and you know what I reckon babies would love just to hear your voice reading them.
They are affirmation based, meditations.
The book has a start routine which is just beautiful, it starts with a magic moonbeam that you walk along, you then have a magic worry hat that takes away your worries, a special pendent you wear to keep you safe and then you lead into the chosen meditation.

Hear are the details and the book cover is just sooooo cute

Hope your Wednesday was good, have a good Thursday
Shar x


little rene said...

That books sounds beautiful Shar. I will definately check it out :)

Rebecca said...

That book sounds great. I will have a look at it.

Good on you with the positivity! I am trying too.... But there are always "those' moments. Lol. I will just try to keep them to a minimum :)

RaeC said...

I am so going to search for that book. Little Scrumptious Bum is 3, but still won't go to sleep unless either Mum or Dad is holding his hand, and quite often wakes up in the middle of the night with night terrors and it's straight into his parent's bedroom. Little Miss Snuggle Bug goes down at 6pm and you don't here a peep from her until morning... must be a girl thing... LOL!! Keep up the great work with your positive outlook hon xxx

Nicole P said...

Oooh - I love the sounds of that book - gonna have to find that one and get it! Thanks Shar :) Nicole xx