Saturday, January 10, 2009


Had a bit of a blog change to coincide with our new website.

If you didn't already know Paul and I are both personal trainers, Paul for 8 years since 2000 and me 16 years since 1992.
For the last 3 and a half years we have been registered and have operated as Pure Energy Fitness, but recently we have been working on creating our 'brand', vision and website

Paul runs mobile personal training in Perth which is growing by the day, we have an online personal training service which incorporates a fantastic system called PT Enhance, this assists us to operate a thorough assessment process, keeping our service tailored to each individual.

Of course we both also use our C.H.E.K qualifications.
Paul in the assessing of physiological load, determining the amount of physical & emotional stress placed upon the body, then implementing a results-producing program to enhance function & overall well-being.
I am currently developing my side of things, (I'm a little behind Paul due to my Group Fitness and Les Mills work!) with my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and Metabolic Typing qualification that I completed in November, having tried & tested a few areas myself I feel ready to help others.

A few years ago I registered my business name 'Mummy and Me' and will finally get started with this soon. Outdoor group sessions for mums and bubs.

It is a very exciting time for us as we both share the exact same vision for our business, our future and life. I am soooooooo lucky to have found my sole mate, spiritual partner, true love, call it what you like, but I'm lucky :)

So lots of work ahead as we are still developing the website and content but go check it out at or click the banner at the top.

Have a great weekend
Shar x


Anonymous said...

Shar I love love love the new look website, it's fresh and inviting not to mention easy to navigate. Congratulations to you both! I wish you all the luck in the world with it's launch.

Lia xxx
Eat Clean, Drink Water, Train Hard & Love Life! :o)

Frankie said...

Shar the website is great. Really fresh as Lia said (that was the first word that came to mind mind too). You must be SO excited. I'm excited for you too!

You are going to do so well with it as it seems it's all come together 'just so'. Obviously meant to be :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Shar,

Just letting you know that you need to delete me from your blog list and add me again now that I have a new isp address since moving my blog. It's

Lia xxx
Eat Clean, Drink Water, Train Hard & Love Life! :o)