Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday already!!!? & Being a Daymaker

I cannot believe its Friday already, time flies when your having fun right?
I have been teaching, working, being mum, wife, all the normal stuff which is fun I suppose but I just can't explain where the time has gone this week or this year already!, its the 16th Jan!!

I have been a little slack on updating my activity log so will get onto that later i just wanted to pop in and ask this question.....

We all get wrapped up in our day to day lives, plodding along doing what we have to do, but maybe without much thought or effort we can help make someones day?

An act of kindness, a smile, a comment, a note left for someone, a THANK YOU, whatever it is you could make someones day.........become a Daymaker.

'All of a sudden everything you do, whether it's letting someone merge into traffic or simply offering the waitress a friendly smile of appreciation for serving you, creates what I call "perfect moments." After all, days are made of moments and it's how we choose to be in those moments that shape our day and, in fact, our lives.'

I have been trying this and I also explained to my boy (12 years) about the theory and helped him get started on it by each day being a Daymaker to his little sister Maddison.
On Tuesday this was apparent how much it can touch someone, Maddi was off to gymnastics, Bryce ran out to the car as they were leaving and told Maddi to have a great time and try hard at Gymnastics because he knew she was very good at it, she was over the moon, 1) that he had made the effort to go to see her in the car and 2) the fact that he had said she was good at gymnastics, she kept telling Paul what Bryce had said to her all the way down the road.

30 Seconds effort from Bryce = one happy, confident, loved by brother, little girl.

WHY NOT MAKE A DAY PEOPLE? start with a smile or a Thank You that really LANDS.

Shar x


Frankie said...

That's a gorgeous idea Shar. I hope I make someone happy each day but I will try and make a point of it.

Rebecca said...

That is lovely Shar, your kids sound so sweet. I hope mine end up like that :)


ps. you are amazing, you seem to fit so much into each day! I hope I can master that too.