Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Its in da house..............

Positivity that is!!

So with my focus being on eliminating negative energy from my world, positivity has been in da house today, not flowing freely and with ease, that will come with time, but a definite shift and I'm feeling better.

I've had to remove my calender log thingy as to have it free you only get a certain amount of view per month and I'm not paying to log on there what I can log here.

Early A.M - Run / 4 Miles (6.44km) Loving running, seriously considering a half or full marathon this year.
A.M - Taught Bodyvive
P.M - Taught Bodyattack & Bodybalance

Food - Clean and eating for my Metabolic type.

A good day, no-one negative around me, training and food felt good, was a productive working day, belief and focus seem re-newed and 'Positive Shar' made the decision last night to change the attitude and felt good today.

Focus for tomorrow, make it a positive day and include a 'Daymaker' at somepoint.
Have a great Wednesday,
Shar x


little rene said...

Hey little Daymaker! Glad to hear that you are full of positivity. It's the only way to live isn't it? So hard at times though.

Keep up the good vibes :)

Trudi said...

Way to go Shar! Each day as it comes and find something great about it. Know that you inspire people even though you dont know or hear from them. I'm definately a follower!! Trudsx

Nicole P said...

Hi Shar - Yeah, I have pretty much always worn the asics kayano but I went to Athlete's Foot and did that Fit Print, where the machine looks at how you walk and then they match a shoe to you (ie. overpronate etc). So if you have Athlete's foot over there, it's worth a try. Good luck with the running :) Nicole xx P.S. Tom is awesome