Monday, January 26, 2009

Goals and Update.......bit by bit

I will be doing today's post bit by bit over the day.......

So a great week it turned out to be!! After assessing a few things and feelings (see post -For a While / Monday 19th) I did wake up with a different outlook on things and managed to maintain the positivity all week, some odd pre-period moments but in general alot better.

Ok alongside that post I set me next two goals - (YES I do have to have some!)

GOAL 1) Run the Perth Marathon. I love running always have and it would always be my cardio of choice. I also have run in events before and left the UK at a point where I was running at a good pace and distance.
I find it a very calming experience to run. I find it brings clarity for mind. I also love the physical challenge.
I have/do write running programme/schedules for people and really enjoy that aspect to.

So I will be still training weights and hope to compete again possibly end of year or next year, but it isn't my priority right now after assessing where I'm at, mentally, physically, family life etc.

So I have always done 2 or so runs per week for as long as I can remember, so since December I have been doing 3 per week in an effort to build up a base mileage which is really important before embarking on the marathon training.

Will update running training later, gotta dash now, BODYATTACK TO TEACH!!!
Back soon......................

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Trudi said...

Good on you Shar,
Love the goal you set. THere is a great book called the Lore of Running by Tim Noakes MD. Its supposed to be the bible of all sciences of running. I was glad to note that my own experience of training for a marathon included the dreaded 'runners trotts'. I cant seem to go more than 25k without wanting to do #2's!! Keep me posted Trudsx