Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How cool is .....

How cool is running?
now I know some of you will say 'not at all cool!' but for me its a time I get outdoors run in the amazing perth weather and 'fresh' air, listen to the cockatoos in Carine park and totally zone out and have real thinking time, whilst exercising.
I never think about work always about positive stuff, ideas etc.
So when I went for a run this morning I had an AH-HA moment.
When I get a chance later I'll be back to jot some stuff down on that.

How cool is it to have a husband like mine!? :)
very cool........ unconditional love, never judges me, puts up with me!!, my lover and my best friend who I can belly laugh with :) and now I get the chance to work alongside him developing our business and working towards our dream of our own studio one day.

How cool (or not!) is the Perth weather?
We are having some hot days and this is a plus for our family as we always take advantage of some of the best beaches in Australia (yes, I have toured right round Oz and WA has some gorgeous beaches) and swimming in the prestine, aqua blue waters.

How cool is life?
The best things in life are free and Life itself is a true free gift.
I'm extrememly lucky to have my life and the special people in it, I have to stop and remember this sometimes.

Have a great day all
Shar x


Nicole P said...

How cool is your activity log?? Love it! Have a great new years! Nicole xx

Raechelle said...

How cool is your fabulous, up beat attitude?! Have a wonderful New Year!

LizN said...

love your little pink log :)
Happy New Year Shar!

Charlotte Orr said...

Great idea with the calendar! Hope you have a great new year too!