Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 2 of 70 – Tuesday - GREEN

Scales – Down 1.5kg What the!!? I must be a fluid retaining machine to drop this much again
Total – 3.1kg

Exercise – Bodyvive

Nutrition – 5 Clean meals Eaten
1154 Cals
28% of the calories are from fat,
42% of the calories are from protein,
30% of the calories are from carbs
Not enough cals, funny, when I don’t stress about food or fight it I don’t eat as much. Just been chillin today so not focused on food, mustn’t forget to eat though.

Rest and Recovery
Just a chilled out day really, no rushing about. My training reflected this aswell.

Mood/Feelings/Mental Focus
Woke a little unrested, didn’t get to sleep for a while last night and Maddi woke earlier than normal.
Felt good once I was up and about, feeling positive and the whole walk the walk is echoing in my head.

Forgot to say I had the best day ever on Sunday. Was our wedding anniversary.
Perth was stinking hot, topping 38 degrees, so I taught my 9.30am Bodyattack and then we packed up lunch and took the kids to the beach.
It was so much fun and very relaxing. I haven't been around on weekends due to Les Mills stuff for the past 6 weeks and It was really cool to see how my kids responded to having me around.
I reality check for me. My little girl came out with a corker, brought tears to my eyes .............
she said ' mum, you know the best thing?' to which I responded ' coming to the beach' and she said ' no, you being here is the best thing'............... talk about priorities.

We dug a hole, poured in water, played at the edge of the water, played ball, went in with her on my back whilst Paul and Bryce bodyboarded, sat and chatted whilst having lunch. What precious moments.

I played ball in the water with Bryce and he was shocked to see me go in!! don't normally go in unless it hits 40 odd.
Had Bryce's Graduation Ceremony tonight then he went to his dinner and dance. he was awarded the 2008 sports achivement award. For athletics and football.

Anyway, enough for tonight, Bodyattack, Bodypump and Bodyvive to teach tomorrow.
Have a great day
Shar x


Claudine said...

You're my star :)

ss2306 said...

Nice work Shar

Yep, the graph was done in excel.