Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 5 of 70 – Friday - GREEN

Scales – Up 0.3kg
Total – 4.3kg


Nutrition – 5 Clean meals Eaten
1237 calories
36% of the calories are from fat,
37% of the calories are from protein,
28% of the calories are from carbs

Little higher in fat than usual, all good fat though.

Rest and Recovery
Had a nice afternoon doing some chrissie shopping.

Mood/Feelings/Mental Focus
Feeling average today, sore throat again and tired. Must get to bed earlier, this is definitely my goal for week 2.
Still cool with how things are tracking, but still the occasional thought of why didn’t I just maintain a good level of bodyfat and scale weight after comp.


I'm so excited today and so very proud - 'Proud Mummy Moment' coming, click away if you don't want to know. :)

I have mentioned my little girl was asked to go for a trial to train with the West Australian Institute of Sport - WAIS, which she did and got accepted into Group 10 (Group 10 down to 1 - 1 being the Olympic gymnasts) of which she has done a term.

She has come on so well, it is so cute to watch, it very structured and rightly so, they have picked these kids with the view to them making the 2020 games! She struggled a bit with attention for her hour and a half class to start with but this is now fine, she struggled with being distracted either by others in her group or watching the 'big girls' train but this is not a problem anymore, she has got use to not being allowed to go to the toilet and therefore understands the importance of a 'big wee' just before she goes in.

She can do stuff that I didn't think she would be able to, chin ups and flexibility to name two, she has gained strength, confidence and respect for herself and those training around her....... all in one term! but best of all she LOVES it.

So you can imagine today, when the letter came that was to tell us whether she was going to be kept (they can be dropped at the end of any term) and it stated not only was she going to be kept but moved up to Group 9!! I was floored, they can obviously see her development and perhaps potential? she has now to add another 2 hour training session to her week and it all gets a little deeper I think as she is now officially in the 'Squad'. GO MADDI!! :)

Whilst I'm in this mode! - Bryce brought home a great final report, won a year award for his sports performance at his graduation ceremony and placed very high in a science test against all WA students. GO BRYCE!! :)


Forgot to mention that to kick off my new goal at a place where I know exactly where I am, I booked in for the very reliable and accurate DEXA scan.
The results were not what I wanted to see but it is great to know a exact starting point, I will have it redone again, 10 weeks from first one.
Here's a bit of info I searched on it -

Using DEXA to determine the proportion of lean body mass (muscle) versus total body fat is a valuable clinical tool in the management of long-term health and fitness. By assessing changes in body composition over time, professional and recreational athletes are able to customise their training to achieve specific physiological goals, and develop tailored sports injury management plans.

For those seeking lifestyle changes and weight loss, DEXA body composition measurements provide accurate exercise effectiveness assessments and soft tissue analysis. With a greater understanding of how your body is responding to the changes made, patients are more inspired to persist with and maintain their newly adopted lifestyle.

With DEXA you can analyse the composition of your whole body, or that of a defined region, such as an arm, both legs, or your torso. Undergoing a full body DEXA scan is as simple as lying on a table for around 6 minutes. Like an X-Ray, you stay fully clothed throughout the process, and the non-invasive scan is completely pain free.The use and safety of DEXA is well proven. More than 70% of pharmaceutical clinical trials currently utilise DEXA technology, while DEXA body composition assessment, is proving highly beneficial in advanced clinical weight loss trials. To date, over 2000 research papers have used DEXA for body composition assessment purposes. DEXA results are also commonly used to show intermediate outcomes in many Nutrition and Metabolic Disorder studies. This widespread acceptance has helped DEXA technology achieve a gold standard for ease of use, accuracy and test / retest repeatability.

Have a fab weekend all
Shar x

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