Monday, December 15, 2008

Back to it

So here goes, Day 1 of logging.
I'm pinching from a few bloggers, Shelley with regards to the scales and feelings and Katie with her colour coding.
Mine will be as follows, bit like traffic lights -
Green = Both Training and nutrition were as planned,
Orange = Either Training or Nutrition were as planned,
Red = Both Training and Nutrition were not as planned.
I will total the week up, aiming to get no reds & mostly Greeens of course, but if an Amber is in there try and improve next week.

Day 1 of 70 -

Scales – Down 1.6kg
Total – 1.6kg

Exercise – Bodyattack
Maxed out the HR a few times, as usual :)
Hard to teach this morning, feel I’m getting sick, razor blade throat.

Nutrition – 6 Clean meals Eaten
1284 Cals
29% of the calories are from fat,
50% of the calories are from protein,
20% of the calories are from carbs.
On paper its too low on carbs but I felt fine. Will adjust another meal tomorrow to include more.

Rest and Recovery
Was hot last night in Perth and I didn’t sleep well. Made up for it this afternoon when I had an hour and a half sleep.

Mood/Feelings/Mental Focus
Woke up feeling in a ‘pants’ (bad) mood, felt better after my class.
Had a few, ‘I’m such a failure’ moments because I have stacked on a few kilos again but my focus is there and I know with a few days under my belt I will be right.
Alongside my want to be a role model, Paul and I have plans to develop professionally and I personally wouldn't hire/choose someone that doesn't practice what they preach, so I know what I have to do and its my choice, walk the walk and talk the talk or don't, simple choice really.

Shar x

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Frankie said...

Hi there. Just started following your blog yesterday.

Well I know you said you borrowed your format of logging food etc from a couple of others but I'm going to pinch the lot. I love the colour coded plan.

I totally relate to what you said about being a role model. I'm studying exercise science at uni and have put on 15kg since I started! I'm almost embarrassed to turn up these days. Need to get a great physique before I graduate as no-one's going to take me seriously otherwise.

I look forward to following your blog.