Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mondays Log

Day 8 of 70Monday - GREEN

Scales – Spike of 1.3kg
Total – 3.4kg

My back is so sore from the Back session yesterday

Nutrition – 5 Clean meals Eaten
1196 Calories
32% of the calories are from fat,
38% the calories are from protein,
30% the calories are from carbs

Was feeling crappy today due to the non clean food of yesterday! Amazing how the body responds after only 6 days clean, but back to a Clean Green day and felt better.

Rest and Recovery
Had a 40 minute sleep as I was just falling asleep. Within my Holistic Lifestyle coaching we learnt about some foundation principles for health and wellness, of course sleep is one of them and Paul and I do not have that sussed yet!! We’re working on it. Also I have my Period on its way, does anyone else just get so tired they can hardly stay awake at some points? Not a good look!

Mood/Feelings/Mental Focus
Feeling good to get straight back to clean food without the old habit of continuing and thinking I had ‘blown it’ creeping back in.
Looking forward to the scales tomorrow showing me that one day back to clean food and water can drop the spike plus some.

Shar x


Frankie said...

Thanks for your comments on my post Shar. It's great encouragement. Yes I need to be really, really organised to make anything work (as I'm a naturally lazy bugger). I'm really glad I started blogging as I was very lazy with handwritten journals but love spending time on the PC so it's working well for me. And yes, I want to go back to uni next semester and have no-one recognise me!

Thanks again and I hope you and your family have wonderful Christmas and that you reach all your goals in 2009!


ss2306 said...

Hi Shar

Love reading each day how you're progressing and what's going on (even though I don't always leave comments - too busy sometimes). Don't you think blogging it helps? I found it really encouraging and some days I didn't feel like blogging but did it as I told myself I needed to show myself and others the way it works. Keep up the great work.

Have a fantastic Xmas and New Year.