Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 3 of 70 – Wednesday - GREEN

Scales – Down 0.8kg
Total – 3.9kg

Exercise – Bodyattack – SMASHED IT, bloody hard though
Bodypump – OOOUUCHHH
Bodyvive – By the time I did this one, my body was screaming to stop

Nutrition – 5 Clean meals Eaten
1181 Cals
34% of the calories are from fat,
38% of the calories are from protein,
29% of the calories are from carbs

Ok, 3 days on the lower side of cal intake is the limit, must get cals up tomorrow.

Rest and Recovery
Had my nails done, wasn’t that relaxing though as I was constantly thinking about my list of things to do.

Mood/Feelings/Mental Focus
Isn’t it funny, 3 days totally clean, ( training is leaving a little to be desired ) , but you feel great, got more energy, clothes already feeling better, then you look in the mirror! and the same fat blob is staring back :)

but no-where
near the same
as this fat blob!
She's gone!!!

Shar x


Raechelle said...

I can't even believe that's you Shar! wow-I had no idea you had gone through such a huge should be very proud!

Frankie said...

That's you Shar?! Oh...I've seen your photo before in a magazine. Wow!!

Thanks so much for posting that. Now I know what I want is really achievable (and I'm not even aiming for comps).

Thanks for sharing that.


Jaime-lee said...

OMG that really you under that quilt! Geez girl you have come so far!~

Wooohooo...still must be an awesome feeling!

JL x

Charlotte Orr said...

What a difference! You should be very proud of yourself!

Trudi said...

Hi Shar! Wow, you are a totally different looking person.What a determined gal you are! Just like you will nail your next goal - I have no doubt. Reading your note of the son likes me hanging around more and not being in the gym all the time too...Hmm really makes you wonder doesnt it.