Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blog Title, Purpose and Update

Not going to expand but I'm having a quick 'rant' below.

I have updated my blog title, from Shar's blog to Shar's Health and Fitness Log, this is because this is my place to log all things training, nutrition and health, for me. Of course there may be a bit of 'life' thrown in there but I started the blog in Dec 2005 as a way of logging a '12 week challenge' and now although it is my long term Health and Fitness I'm logging not just 12 weeks, I want to bring it back to it's purpose. So if reading about my training & food/nutrition is not what you want to read about then it may be a bit boring for you.
I will be continuing to log pretty much how I have been as it really helps me to break it down, i.e training, food, feeling etc but if I miss a day or have to log 2-3 at once then so be it, as I will below, because Christmas and my family were more important on those days.
Rant over.

Daily Updates
Day 11 of 70 - Thursday - Amber on account of nutrition -nibbles, choc and Christmas dinner. Exercise was a 30 minute jog.

Day 12 of 70 - Friday - Amber on account of nutrition - 2 Bacardi's, a piece of choc cake.
Exercise was a 25 minutes power walk.

Day 13 of 70 - Saturday - Amber on account of cheese and crackers.
Exercise was Bodyattack.

So all in all I am pleased with the outcome of my exercise over the 2 days of Christmas, I took myself out for a run, actually more of a jog! on Chrissie evening at 8pm it was cool and the sun
was setting, nice
Powerwalk around the beautiful Carine park on Boxing evening.

I'm back to normal class load as of today and kicked back in with a Bodyattack.

I am in the process of off loading my 3 Bodypump classes that I had just taken back on from beg December as I want the time back and I really don't love teaching it, I can't fake it either.

This will then allow me time to get my weights sessions in again and also won't interfere with weights sessions etc. So sitting and re-jigging my schedule today and tomorrow.

Food/Nutrition could have been better but I was chugging along nicely before and I know what I need to do from here so back to it................. remembering my aim - 'walking the walk, talking the talk'........ average will not do!

Have a great weekend
Shar x


ss2306 said...

I love reading about your training, nutrition and feelings Shar and agree that it is a great tool to keep you on track so keep up the great work.

Frankie said...

I enjoy your blog too Shar. I'm really interested in other people's way of doing things and learning little bits and pieces here and there. I can't get enough of it!

Maxx said...

Great blog. Impressed by your discipline, most people would use Christmas and the holidays as an excuse to indulge.

keep up the good work