Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 4 of 70 – Thursday - GREEN

Scales – Down 0.7kg
Total – 4.6kg

(Info on BVBodyvive if done properly can be challenging and is to me when I teach it. It is on a different scale to Bodyattack, no impact and only half the class is cardio based the rest is functional strength based)

Nutrition – 5 Clean meals Eaten
1332 cals
32% of the calories are from fat,
38% from protein,
30% from carbs

This is better, still not great but better.

Rest and Recovery
I should be so lucky!! :) No way I was getting any rest or relaxation today.

Mood/Feelings/Mental Focus
Feeling positive today, good mood and focused on my goal. I had a look at my countdown thingy today and cannot believe it is on 60 something days until I’m back on that stage again!! BRING IT!!

Still going well. Made the decision that I would not pressure myself this week to get in the 3 weights sessions I have planned for my schedule, I do not want the feelings of failing to re-surface and I have been super busy with all things Group Fitness Launches, Maddi's parties at school, Bryce Graduation dinner/dance, ceremony, assembly and last day at school today.

It feels good to be eating clean and loving it again.
I do get a HI training session from Bodyattack which I teach 5 times per week, so that will be cool this week, the scales are dropping everyday which is great, I know this will stop either tomorrow or next day and have my new weeks training planned ready to keep on keeping on.
My week starts on a Saturday and I am planning to train right through Christmas and only have treats planned for Christmas day picnic we pack up to spend the day at the beach.

I read a piece Charlotte had posted and it prompted me to plan ahead and take the challenge to look better each and every week and that includes the week with Christmas in it!

I am starting also to look at my HLC (Holistic Lifestyle Coaching) material, in particular the Metabolic Typing, properly as it took a backseat whilst I continued my Les Mills development and Paul and I have been getting some interest so I really want to get my assessing procedures all up to scratch and have my packages all thought through ready to implement when I decide to 'go live'.
Firstly I am using the system myself, this is the way I have been eating since taking up my challenge again and all good so far!
There was a learning curve early on with what type I was coming out as and that was a valuable lesson to me as I'm sure I will see this happen with a lot of clients.
I need to fully understand it in a practical way and I can then 'walk the walk and talk the talk' regarding what I will be prescribing.

We have a run of gorgeous weather coming our way here in Perth with 35 forecast for Christmas day, just right for the day at the beach me thinks!!

Hope you are all well, thanks for reading
Shar x

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