Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday - Weekly Round Up & Changes to our eating

Week 1
Total Weekly Loss - 4.4kg

Yesterdays loss - 0.1kg

The scales have clearly seen the loss in bloat and are reflecting the new eating plan I am following.
I am eating as a combination of my metabolic typing plan and Precision nutrition guidelines.
I am eating Gluten Free and I must say this is the best thing I have ever done for my body, as much as possible my kids have been changed to Gluten free as well.
Its funny I have assessed my kids without them knowing :) and it is clear we have a Mixed type tending more to Carb in Bryce and a more Protein type in Maddi, since gearing their eating this way we have seen a change in Maddi for sure.
With kids though things will change as they grow and there hormones change etc so they are in no way only eating one way or the other rigidly but it happens to be the way they are now choosing.

Since doing my HLC Level 1 course we have researched and implemented organic eating where we can, including the kids diet, which has seen an improvement in concentration and behaviour.

There were definites I came home with that we had to change - one being MILK!! the stuff I learnt about milk was horrendous, I don't drink it but the kids have it in the morning and Paul in his couple of coffees a day.
Ideally we would have Raw Milk but this is not practical so what we have decided as a family is to do as much as we can that is practical, so our Milk is now Organic, this is sometimes hard to keep on top of as the 2 shops that do it only have delivery's on certain days etc but this is definitely worth making an effort for.
Same for all the small stuff like sugar, green tea, butter, even the kids tomato sauce, kids snacks are gluten free and organic, Cheese, fruit and vegetables and where possible our meat, although if we can't get Organic we do the best we can and get hormone free, free range meat.

Every little change has to help and the taste is so different so it can only be a good thing.
As for the cost, once you have all the basics changed over it really isn't alot extra, the quality and the taste means you really don't need as much of some foods so there's the make up, also I am willing to pay more to have our insides cleaner, healthier, body's functioning better and reduce the chances of disease and illness.

Anyway, on that note -
I hope you are all well and having a great weekend ,
do what makes you happy,
Shar x

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Charlotte Orr said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog Shar. Hope you have a lovely Christmas