Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bloat and spike gone plus some

Day 9 of 70 – Tuesday - GREEN

Scales – Down 1.4kg
Total – 4.8kg (was my aim to drop 5kg by Christmas!?)

BodyattackOMG!!!! I team taught this one and it was so much fun but heaps harder

Nutrition – 5 Clean meals Eaten
1250 calories
37% of the calories are from fat,
40% of the calories are from protein,
23% of the calories are from carbs

Rest and Recovery
Sat and chilled watched an episode of Dirty, Sexy, Money with Paul.

Mood/Feelings/Mental Focus
Still positive but if I’m honest, which I said I would always be, I am worried about Christmas food getting the better of me. I have a few treats planned, perhaps I’m not in a place where I can plan treats yet, but hey, Christmas comes but once a year and if it is only a few then there will be no damage as there hasn’t been from Sunday’s extras. On the scales I have lost the bloat plus some.
I think a little more planning won’t go a miss, will blog that tomorrow.


Megan said...

I am obsessed with physical fitness
I love your blog!!

Frankie said...

You've done so Shar well. Congrats!

I'm so excited about starting to log my days next week! Not looking forward to post Christmas weigh in though!



Frankie said...

geez I'm dislexic. that should read

"done SO well Shar" LOL.


ss2306 said...

Hey Shar

I'm really happy for you that things are moving in the right direction however can I be really honest and say that I worry that you are not eating enough. Just someone being concerned about you and your well-being so tell me to bugger off if you want.

Have a great day tomorrow and remember everything in moderation. Have a little taste of everything on offer. You know unless you go all out the scales will lie anyway so don't worry at all, just enjoy.

Shar said...

Thanks Frankie, I look forward to reading your daily log.

Shelley - will be posting more an that later, thanks for your comment and it VERY valid and I'd never tell you to bugger off!! :)

Shar x

SeLiNa said...

Hey Shar,
things are moving along veeery nicely for you aren't they!!
Enjoy your day tomorrow, don't stress too much about the food, drink heaps of water and enjoy yourself. Things will go straight back to normal the days following.

Hope your gorgeous kiddies let you get some sleep tonite!!!!

Have a really nice day.